The world's first smart mini terrarium

OrchidBox is a 4x4x7" intelligent, Wi-Fi connected mini ecosystem.



Plant technology. Redefined.

We’ve combined decades of research with superior components to make a simple but powerful device.

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Smart and simple

No pumps, no fans, no complicated settings. Just plug and grow.


Grow plants that thrive with peace of mind.

A mini garden for home or work

OrchidBox is the perfect growing companion that fits in almost any space

Start Sprouts and Wheatgrass

OrchidBox can grow sprouts and wheatgrass easily - just plant the seeds and wait.

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Grow anything else too

Start seeds, grow carnivorous plants, orchids, miniature grasses and more. OrchidBox is your own miniature greenhouse. 

The perfect desktop companion

OrchidBox makes the perfect desktop companion at work or home.


Awesome light effects

OrchidBox simulates clouds and automatically turns on and off based on time of day and season.

Programmable environments

Smart environments let you grow plants with no expertise required.


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Greenhouse precision

OrchidBox allows ordinary people to grow with the precision of a greenhouse in your own home.


Our patent-pending water sensing technology alerts you when plants need water.


Kids love OrchidBox

OrchidBox is a delight to all ages.

Ready to Join the Revolution?