Getting Started

Welcome to the OrchidBox family, plant enthusiast!

Here are the detailed steps on how to get started.

Note, these instructions are for users who participated in the beta program.


1. Plug in Your device.


2. Hold the setup button for three seconds. 

Note: Use caution when removing the lid. Press and hold the setup button as shown. After holding, the device will begin to flash blue indicating it is in WiFi listening mode.



3. Use your smartphone to connect to the OrchidBox WiFi access point "OrchidBox-XXXXX"

OrchidBox sets up its own WiFi listening access point so that you can connect directly to it and configure it. The network name will look like "OrchidBox-XXXXXX" where XXXXXX is a random serial.


4. Using your browser, navigate to and follow onscreen instructions.

  1. Click "Scan" to scan for WiFi networks

  2. Choose your WiFi network

  3. Enter password

  4. Click "Connect"

Setting up the Terrarium's Base

Great job! The next step is setting up the terrarium's "foundation." The base contains activated charcoal that absorbs impurities and prevents salt buildup. Also, don't forget to install the foam sensor cover as shown.

Follow these steps carefully

  1. Remove from plastic bag
  2. Remove small foam insert (this is the sensor cover)
  3. Remove tape + lid
  4. Rinse under running water
  5. Wipe the base to ensure it is clean and smooth
  6. Place base into terrarium, ensuring alignment with the sensor and front window as shown below
  7. (IMPORTANT) Ensure black foam is fit snugly between sensor and base as shown in the second to last picture. You may have to use a pencil or provided tweezers.
  8. Replace lid on top of base as shown in the last photo.

Setting up Your Kit

Now that the base is set up, use the soil that came with your kit to plant the terrarium. Instructions vary by kit, so follow instructions specific to your desired terrarium scene.

Standard Scene

1. Pour the soil that is most coarse (pictured below) into the box and on top of the base platform and spread evenly.

2. Plant some of the moss (large bag), soil, and decorations as desired. Be sure to pack the moss down tightly. Note that you will not need to use very much of the provided soil.

3. Plant plants (small bag).

Mountain Scene

  1. Use soil bags #1 to fill the mountain with the loose soil. You may have to pack it with your fingers.
  2. Spread the moss (you will not need to use all of it) across the surfaces, and pack it down tightly with your fingers.
  3. Add live plants and seeds.


  • OrchidBox lets you know when it needs to be watered by indicating orange/red and reducing the brightness.
  • It is strongly preferred to water with a purified water vs. tap or spring water.
  • Water once every 1-3 weeks.


  • Single tap - turn on (off) for two hours
  • Double tap - begin brightness selection. Single tap again to select brightness.
  • Triple tap - display water level


  • Trim plants and add additional soil every 4-6 weeks as desired to make up for lost biomass.

You're done! We hope you love OrchidBox.