Here's how it works


OrchidBox makes plant life easier to sustain by the addition of just a few bits of simple functionality

The elements of a self-contained ecosystem

The elements of a self-contained ecosystem

OrchidBox's core features are:

Built-In Intelligence.

Select from pre-programmed environments and watch your plants thrive.


Precision Design.

OrchidBox uses the highest-efficacy LED's available on the market to simulate natural sunlight while outputting the least amount of heat. It emits over 400 lumens over a 4"x4" area, light flux levels that are approximately 50% of the sun's intensity on a sunny summer day, perfect for growing light-demanding plants like Venus Fly Traps. You won't find these light levels on any other device. The clear container is made with museum-grade acrylic.


Zero Maintanance.

Water once every 2-4 weeks and get notified when you need to water. When water levels are low, the front LED indicator slowly becomes more red to let you know it needs watering. Our patent-pending sensing technology lasts for years and will never fail to detect when plants need water. Never kill a plant again.


Technical Specifications